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Motor Insurance
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Road tax related information

  1. You can now pay your road tax via the internet (even after office hours, on Sundays & public holidays!). Click here

FREE Services on Vehicle Valuations & Vehicle Financing / Refinancing

  1. FREE valuation for your vehicle. Click here
  2. INSTANT Car Price Estimate Click here
  3. FREE vehicle finance analysis for your vehicle loan. Click here
  4. FREE depreciation analysis for your vehicle. Click here

FREE Reports for Download

  1. FREE report on 10 Things You May NOT Know about your Motor Insurance Policy. Click here

FREE Forms for Download

  1. FREE download of Motor Insurance Proposal Forms for selected insurers Click here
  2. FREE download of other forms Click here

Motor Insurance-related Info

  1. 3 Critical Factors to consider when buying a Motor Insurance Policy Click here
  2. How to cancel your Motor Insurance Policy? Click here
  3. How does making a claim affect your motor insurance renewal premium? Click here
  4. Under what conditions you need to declare claims/accident history? Click here
  5. How to recover your NCD after an accident? Click here
  6. What is NCD? Click here
  7. What you need to know about excess? Click here
  8. Should I add another driver, eg my spouse, to my motor insurance policy? Click here
  9. Do you need to buy additional coverage for your Windscreen, Sun-roof, Soft-Top and other accessories? Click here
  10. Specified sum insured or market value: which is better? Click here