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Motor Insurance
Vehicle Re-Financing

FREE download of Proposal Forms and related documents

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1 AIG Motor Insurance proposal Form (Auto Plus)
2 AXA Appoint Agent Form
3 AXA Credit Card Form
4 AXA Declaration Loss of CI
5 AXA Proposal Form (Commercial)
6 First Capital - Appointment of Agent
7 First Capital - Commercial Vehicle Policy Wording 2013
8 First Capital - Private Motor Vehicle Policy Wording 2012
9 First Capital Credit Card Payment Form
10 First Capital Motor Proposal Form
11 India Appoint Agent Form
12 India Credit Card Authorization Form
13 India Declaration Loss of CI
14 India Motor Insurance Proposal Form (Private Veh)
15 India Private Vehicle Policy Wording 2013
16 Liberty Appoint Agent Form
17 Liberty Commercial Vehicle Policy Wording 2013
18 Liberty Credit Card
19 Liberty Private Vehicle Policy Wording 2014
20 Liberty Private Vehicle Proposal Form 2014
21 Liberty Privilege Motor Policy Wording 2013
22 Liberty Windscreen Claims Form 2014
23 Lonpac Appointment of Agent
24 Lonpac Authorised Workshop Listing
25 Lonpac Credit Card Payment Form
26 Lonpac Motor Proposal Form
27 Lonpac Private Vehicle Wording 2013
28 Lonpac Windscreen Claim Form
29 MSIG Appoint Agent Form
30 MSIG Authorised Workshop Listing
31 MSIG Credit Card Form
32 MSIG Motor Max Specimen Policy Wording 2014
33 MSIG Proposal Form
34 Motor Accident Private Settlement Template
35 NTUC Amendment Form (Motor 2013)
36 NTUC Appoint Agent Form
37 NTUC Commercial Vehicle Policy Wording 2014
38 NTUC Credit Card Payment Form
39 NTUC Declaration Loss of CI
40 NTUC Motor Cycle Policy Wording 2013
41 NTUC Motor Proposal Form (Prestige Plan 2014)
42 NTUC Motor Proposal Form 2014
43 NTUC Private Motor Vehicle Policy Wording 2015
44 NTUC Private Vehicle Extension Rider Policy Wording 2013
45 NTUC Private Vehicle Policy Wording (Prestige Plan 2013)
46 Tokio Marine Appoint Agent Form
47 Tokio Marine Credit Card Payment
48 Tokio Marine Declaration Loss of CI
49 Tokio Marine Motor Proposal Form (Commercial Motor)
50 Tokio Marine Motor Proposal Form (Private Motor)

* Required by some insurers if you need to cancel your motor insurance policy but have misplaced your Certificate of Insurance
FAQs on Cancellation of Motor Insurance Policy