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You road tax expires tomorrow (and it is a Sunday!) and it is now 6pm! In the past, prepare to pay a late payment fine ($20 upwards) to LTA. Now, you can pay your road tax after office hours, on Sundays and even on public holidays! From the comfort of your home or office, using your PC!

Q: How To Pay Your Road Tax Via Internet:
A: Click on the following URL:

Under Maintain A Vehicle (on the left hand side) Select "Renew Roadtax"

Follow the rest of the instructions on screen (you probably need to know the vehicle number as well as the NRIC No of the vehicle owner or its equivalent if the owner is a company).

At some point of time, you would need to choose which bank account you are paying from (as of October 2005, the participating banks are DBS, UOB and Citibank so you MUST have an account with one of these banks to be able to use this internet road tax payment service).

Note: For the above system to allow you to pay your road tax, you have must have valid insurance for the period of road tax to be paid. After you renew your insurance, your insurance company will transmit the information to LTA. Only after this transmission*, you can renew the road tax.

* which may not be instantaneous, eg if you renew your roadtax today, the transmission by your insurance company to LTA may be later, eg tomorrow.

Q: What shall I display on my windscreen to show my road tax has been renewed.
A: After you successfully paid your road tax on-line, you will get a validated copy of your road tax disc in the mail (snail mail) in the next few working days. This validated disc shall be sent to the SAME address where you got the original road tax disc.

Q: What technical problems may occur in the process of renewing the road tax on-line?
A: At some stage, there will be a 'pop-up'. So you need to set your browser (eg Internet Explorer) to allow 'pop-up's.

If you have any problem with the above and noticed any changes to what has been described, do contact us at Tel 63777333.  Thank you.