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Motor Insurance
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Vehicle Financing
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Motor Insurance
Vehicle Re-Financing

Our Services


Basic Services:

a. Motor Insurance

b. Motor Insurance / Claims Advisory Service

c. Motor Insurance Installment

d. Vehicle Financing

e. Vehicle Refinancing

f.  New Vehicle Sales

g. Used Vehicle Sales

h. Export / Scrapping / Deregistration of Vehicles

i. Vehicle Repairs


Specialised Services:

Special Motor Insurance

We are able to source for Motor Insurance Quotes for the following types of unusual risks (normally declined or avoided by most insurers):

High performance / luxury vehicles (eg Porsche, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini)

Cases with bad claims experience (more than 1 accident, high claims in excess of $20,000, total loss claims)

Very old / antique vehicles (eg 1968 Volkswagen)

Special commercial vehicles (high tonnage vehicles (XB plates), prime movers, cement mixers)


Motor Insurance Installment Payment

We have a special scheme for our clients to pay their insurance premiums over a 10-month installment period to reduce their upfront cash flow to less than 30% of the full premium. Normally insurance premiums are paid in full, upfront. Now they can choose pay to installments!