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Motor Insurance
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Motor Insurance / Claims Advisory Service

Q: Do you have the following problems?

  1. Had an accident when you were not at fault (or largely not at fault) but somehow, your NCD was reduced and you end up paying more insurance premium?
  2. You were offered some compensation by the insurance company and you felt it was not very fair but you are not sure how to go about seeking redress?
  3. You should have more NCD than what you are entitled to now? Eg if you have been owning cars (and paying for motor insurance) for the last 5 years without making any claim, you expect to have NCD 50%. However, you have a lower NCD and you are not sure why?
  4. You have a few vehicles and are not sure how you can optimise the premium savings?

If you have any of the above, then we might be able to assist you.

The bottomline: we shall help you get what you are entitled to. You will likely end up recovering some money in the process.

Q: How do such things happen, I mean I am entitled to some things/monies but I am not aware?

Very often, as a client, you may not fully know your options, especially for insurance, which differs from other services & products you buy. If you buy a club membership, you use it. If you buy a TV, you also use it. So you get to know what is the problem with such a service or product. But insurance is something you buy and do not use it often(to be exact, only a small percentage of clients activate their policies). You also do NOT hope to use it. If you just pay premium and nothing happens, that is the desired outcome.

Thus, you may just miss out on some things you are entitled to. So you end up not having the benefit of the doubt and losing out.

Q: Who do you have on your panel to help solve such problems?

  1. Experienced insurance professionals who have more than 30 years’ experience
  2. Lawyers who specialise in insurance claims
  3. Qualified surveyors / accident reconstruction engineers / expert witness


Q: How we do charge for our services?

It is a No-lose situation for you. We are so confident that we can solve the your problem that we shall only charge upon successful resolution of your problem. Yes! If we cannot solve the problem, no charge! The quantum of our charges would range from 10 - 20% of your benefit, depending on the complexity of the case. In other words, if we help you recover $1,000, you pay 10 – 20% of $1,000. If you get nothing, you pay nothing!

This risk is on US, not YOU. So it is service guaranteed!


Q: OK, I would like to highlight a problem. But how do I do that?

Feedback to us the nature of the problem using our feedback form. We shall then advise you accordingly. If you wish to call us and discuss, we would be happy to do so.

If we find that the position you have is already optimal, we will also inform you. No charge for that! And you get a 2nd option free and know that whatever you have is quite the best.

If we find that there is lost ground you can recover, then we shall also highlight to you. If you are agreeable to our handling the matter, then register with us and appoint us to handle the matter.

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