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Motor Insurance
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FAQs on Motor Insurance

Q: Why do you need me to furnish some much information? Some insurers can quote even without knowing if I am married or single?

A: Yes. Different insurers calculate their premiums based on different factors. Some insurers charge a cheaper premium if the insured is married while another insurer may charge a lower premium if the insured is female. Similarly, some insurers charge a higher premium if the vehicle is a parallel import.

We understand we are asking for more details than others. This is really to enable us to ask for MORE quotations for different insurance companies. This will INCREASE your chance of getting a more competitive quotation.

As explained, in some cases, whereby the insured does not furnish some information, eg if he is married or single, then we would NOT be able to get quotes from insurance companies that factor marital status into their premium computations.

Q: OK. But there is still a lot of information to give. How can you make it easier?

A: Yes. We try to make things easier by having default options: eg the default for gender is male. So if you are male, you do not need to change the info. But if you are female, you need to click to change.

Q: How competitive / cheap are your premiums?

A: We estimate that the total market share of our principals (ie the insurance companies) we represent is more than 50% of the entire Singapore motor insurance market. This means that on average, out of every 10 customers who ask for a quote, we should be able to find a competitive premium for at least 5 of them!  One of our insurers, NTUC Income, is the biggest motor insurer in Singapore.  Out of every 10 cars, at least 4 cars are insured with NTUC Income!

On average, we save our clients about $100 compared with their existing insurer.

Q: I got a different premium from another agent but the insurance company is the same. Why?

A: Logically, if the same factors are given to the same insurer, then the premium should be the same. Normally, if the premium is different, it is most likely due to a difference in underwriting factors, eg NCD, parallel import or otherwise, marital status etc.

Q: How soon can I expect to get the quotations?

A: Some of the insurers have given us the formula to compute the premium. In such a case, the premium can be calculated almost instantly. You will likely be able to get your quote via email very quickly.

However, for some other insurers, we need to forward the information to them for a quote. Such quotes may come a bit later.

On average, you should be able to receive 3 quotations within 24 hours.

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