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Motor Insurance
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Get an INSTANT vehicle price valuation from before selling / scrapping! Contact us if our price range is reasonable and you are keen to further explore! No obligation!

Who needs this service?

Do note that there are some limitations of this INSTANT valuation software as follows:


Vehicle Information  
Make & Model     
  If Model not found, please specify :
Engine Capacity  Cc
Registration Year/Month 
OMV value ($)    Auto-derive Client to provide *  $   
COE value ($)    Auto-derive Client to provide *  $    COE Category ** 

* Click on this if you can provide the exact OMV or COE values of the vehicle, which you can find on the logcard or vehicle registration card. This would ENHANCE the accuracy of the software in estimating the vehicle price. The default choice is "Auto-derive", whereby the software will attempt to estimate the respective OMV or COE values.

** If you choose "Client to provide", please select the appropriate COE Category. Do note that if the COE Category is either Cat E or Cat 7 (normally called Open Category), then the basis for the COE rebate will be on the LOWER of the 2 COE premiums, ie between the Open Category COE and the corresponding COE Category for the same month & year. Take an extreme example: in June 2001, the Open Category (ie Cat E) was $27,048 but the actual COE premium for Cat A (1600cc or lesser) was only $101! So if the vehicle (1600cc or lesser) was then registered with a Cat E $27,048 COE, the vehicle owner, unfortunately, would have to get his/her COE rebate based on the Cat A $101 (LOWER of the 2!) when the vehicle is deregistered with the LTA. For more information, refer to the LTA.