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This is a sample analysis.

RE: Request for Car Budget Analysis

The info you have provided is as follows:
Your desired total cash upfront : $8,000
Your desired monthly installment : $1,000
Your desired period of financing / remaining period of COE : 72 months
The estimated PARF value of this vehicle is : $15,000

Our analysis shows that based on the info you have given, the likely scenario would be :
You likely will buy a vehicle at a price of : $66,147
You likely need a loan amount of : $61,962
at Fixed Interest Rate of : 2.70% , corresponding to Effective Interest Rate (monthly rest) of 5.22%
Given a PARF value of $15,000 and having 72 months to go before the COE expires, this vehicle will likely have a depreciation of : $8,524 per year

The breakdown of your upfront cash of $8,000 has the following components :

SN Details Amount Remarks
1 Downpayment $4,185  
2 LTA Transfer Fee $1,323 estimated. Please confirm with LTA.
3 Insurance Premium $992 estimated. Will depend on NCD, insured & vehicle specs.
4 First Installment $1,000  
5 Admin Charge $500 where applicable
  Total $8,000