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Our Associates

We believe the best way to expand business is through an effective network of associates where we can leverage on one another's strengths and contacts.  Over the years, we have developed a network of more than 150 associates, who are in businesses complementary to ours, sometimes even our direct competitors (we believe in friendly & healthy competition!)

We welcome networking, particularly with associates from the following business sectors:

  1. General Insurance Agents/Brokers
  2. Life Insurance Agents/Brokers
  3. New Vehicle Dealers
  4. Used Vehicle Dealers
  5. Scrap Vehicle Dealers
  6. Vehicle Accessories Dealers
  7. Vehicle Financing Agents
  8. Property Agents
  9. Motor Workshops
  10. Marketing Agents (particularly Internet or Database Marketing)
  11. Advertising Agents
  12. Companies/business/persons related to the motor industry not mentioned above
  13. Companies/business/persons related to the insurance industry not mentioned above

We are also continuously looking for Freelance Agents/Brokers to market our products* and services* or that of our network and we pay attractive Commission / Referral Fees / Introducer Fees, as the case may be.  If you are interested, do contact us or drop us an email.

Alternatively, we may also be able to market YOUR products* and services* as we currently have a database of some 1,500 clients, consisting of mainly Singapore car owners.  If there is any product or service that is beneficial to our clients, we would be most happy to hear you out.   

* excluding insurance-related products & services

If you would like to explore possible business opportunities with us, do contact us or drop us an email via the following:

Yes! I / we would like to explore business collaboration or become a Freelance Agent/Broker

Your Name
Your Company Name (if applicable)
Tel / HP
Your business area
Business area you would like to explore with us
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