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Motor Insurance
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About Us is a website set up in early 2004 to provide on-line services to Singapore vehicle owners. This website aims to provide a comprehensive suite of services, with a focus on motor insurance, vehicle financing and vehicle trading.

We have been in the motor insurance business since 1997. Subsequently, we diversified to related businesses such as vehicle financing, vehicle trading/scrapping etc in an effort to provide a more integrated, one-stop service for vehicle owners.

The advent of the internet, and lately broadband, has enabled easy access to a common platform. We thus transformed, as much as we can, the services that were conventionally delivered physically, by phone or by fax to an on-line service.

In this aspect, we hope to deliver the following advantages to our clients:

  1. Competitive Pricing : Our automated system allows easy access to the multiple quotations via our well-connected network so the client will be able to compare and save. The client just supplies the information once and gets various quotations to choose from.
  2. Accessibility : 24 x 7 service – the client can assess this on-line service ANYTIME. This office never closes, never takes a break!
  3. Instant Response : As far as the situation permits, the client is able to get an IMMEDIATE response to his query so no more waiting, waiting and waiting
  4. Accuracy : Our computations, quotations are predominantly computerised. The chance of getting a human error in calculation is greatly reduced. So the client gets fewer "I am sorry. I calculated wrongly…. "
  5. Lower Cost : Our web-based services results in a lower operating cost structure and this translates to savings for the client.

Our associated company, M Plus Consultancy is an authorised insurance agency representing the following insurers:

  1. India International Insurance Pte Ltd
  2. NTUC Income Insurance Cooperative Limited
  3. Tokio Marine Insurance Singapore Ltd